99 Smithing to make (Exp: 0).
Where Found:
Player Made (See Notes).
Item Uses:
Used to create Masterwork trim.
Made by using a piece of Malevolent armor on a Dragonkin anvil, located in the Ancient Caverns South of Kuradal. Note that the forge must be rekindled in order to use and a Blast fusion hammer is not necessary to breakdown the armor. See our Tips and Tricks to obtaining the Master Quest Cape guide (Relight my Fire task) if you need to rekindle the forge.

It is possible to break down Augmented gear for essence, however, be aware that you will NOT obtain any of the gizmos that are attached to it.

It is possible to break down worn and unworn pieces of equipment. Breaking down a degraded piece will not earn you the full amount of essence, only the amount based on the percentage left before fully breaking. For example, a 50% degraded helm will only earn you 1 essence. The table below tells how many essence can be obtained for unworn pieces of gear.
Item Essence
Malevolent helm
Malevolent helm
Malevolent cuirass
Malevolent cuirass
Malevolent greaves
Malevolent greaves
0.45 kg
Examine Information:
Essence extracted from malevolent armour.

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