Mahogany logs are logs obtained with Woodcutting of level 50 on mahogany trees and yield 125 experience when cut.
Where Found:
Chopping down Mahogany Trees at:

  • Tai Bwo Wannai Village
  • Ape Atoll near the villagegate
  • Miscellanians can also get these for you after completing the "Royal Trouble" Quest.
  • Kharazi Jungle After/started Legends Quest
  • Islands Northeast of Mos Le'Harmless
Item Uses:
Used in construction for making high level items.
Can be burned for the Firemaking skill.
Needs level 50 woodcutting to chop down Mahogany trees and level 50 firemaking to burn the logs, also gives 125Xp to Woodcutting when cut and 158Xp to Firemaking when burnt.
Examine Information:
Some well-cut mahogany logs.
Dropped By:

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