57 Herblore to make.
Where Found:
Player made (See Notes).
Item Uses:
Consumed to give you tier 2 luck effects for 1 hour.
This is a single dose potion.

Making one from scratch completes one of the medium Wildnerness Tasks.

To make a potion mix a Clean bloodweed with a Vial of water creating a Bloodweed potion; then add a Crushed dragonstone to finish the luck potion.

Adding 6 Onyx bolt tips to a luck potion creates an Enhanced luck potion which provides tier 3 luck.

Tier 2 luck includes:
0.05 kg
Examine Information:
Provides the effects of the Ring of wealth. If only there was a potion that made me magnetically attractive as well.

This Data was submitted by: Rooskii, Ksb Single, and ChathMurrpau

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