Completion of Gertrude's Cat and Ratcatchers as well as you must have started the Recipe for Disaster Freeing Evil Dave sub-quest.
Where Found:
Player Made (See Notes).
Item Uses:
Used as a follower pet or to catch rats and Hell-Rats.
In order to get a lazy hellcat, you will need to raise a kitten into a Cat which will eventually become overgrown then talk to Felkrash for her to train your Overgrown cat into a Wily cat; after a random amount of time, your Wily cat will become lazy. This will take 4-10 hours to progress from kitten to Overgrown cat. At some point within this process (excluding the Overgrown cat stage) you will need to have your cat catch hell-rats until it becomes a hellcat at whatever its current growth stage is; it will then continue to mature as a hellcat unless you "cure" it by feeding it a Bucket of milk. In the Lazy state your cat will revert to the same rat catching proficiency as a Cat. To revert your lazy cat back to a Wily cat, you must perform a random number of interactions with your cat.

When raising a kitten, it needs to be fed and interacted with. Kittens will eat any raw fish, cooked fish, or a Bucket of milk; if you have a Hell kitten remember to not give it milk unless you wish to remove the hellish effects! Interacting with the kitten consists of stroking the kitten, playing with toys (Ball of wool or Toy mouse), or catching rats. If your kitten catches 100 mice, you will be awarded a cat training medal.

It is possible to turn a Lazy cat (purple) into a Lazy hellcat(and vice versa), however, it will only result in a normal Lazy hellcat; when you cure the cat off its hellish ways, you will be left with a Lazy purple cat once more.

The various growth stages for Hell cats are: It is possible to converse with your cat if wearing a Catspeak amulet.
0 kg
Examine Information:
Inventory: Your hellish pet cat!!
Follower: A hellish not-so-little pet.

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