Must have 25 Magic in order to cast a spell with a law rune.
Where Found:
Player made (See Notes); Bought from Magic Store owner in the Wizards' Guild and Ali Morrisane after the Rogue Trader mini-game; Possible monster drop.
Item Uses:
Used in the Magic skill.
Level 54 Runecrafting is required to make these. You receive 9.5 experience for each rune made; Rune used in teleportation spells, and for telekenetic grabs. In large amounts bought for around 300-600gp, but desperate people in banks are known to buy 1 or 2 of them for 1k each.
0 kg
Examine Information:
Used for teleport spells.
Dropped By:
Abyssal demonAir ElementalAl-Kharid warriorAviansie (level 89)Aviansie (level 92)Aviansie (level 95)Bandit (level 54)Bandit (level 78)Bandit BrawlerBansheeBarbarianBarbarian (level 10)Barbarian (woman)Barbarian (woman) (level 10)Barbarian (woman) (level 28)Black demonBlack dragonBlack HeatherBlack knightBlack Knight (level 33)Black Knight TitanBlue dragonBronze dragonBrutal green dragonCatableponCatablepon (level 54)Chaos druidChaos druid warriorChaos dwarfChaos dwogreCockatriceCockroach soldierCockroach workerCorporeal BeastCyclops (Ardougne Zoo)Dagannoth (level 112)Dark WarriorDark wizard (level 11)Dark wizard (level 30)Desert strykewyrmDonny the LadEarth ElementalEarth WarriorElf warrior (level 84)Elf warrior (level 89)Exiled kalphite guardianExiled kalphite marauderExiled Kalphite QueenFire elementalFire giantFrost dragonGanodermic beastGiant ant soldierGiant skeleton (level 80)GladiusGoblin (level 5)Greater reborn mageGreen DragonGrotwormGrowlerGuard (Burthorpe)Guard (Varrock)Guthix wizardH.A.M. Guard (level 20)H.A.M. Guard (level 30)H.A.M. Guard (level 32)Haakon the ChampionHill GiantHobgoblin (level 28)Hobgoblin (level 46)Ice giantIce TrollIce troll gruntIce troll maleIce troll runtIron dragonJungle strykewyrmKal'gerion demonKalphite GuardianKalphite QueenKalphite SoldierKing Black DragonKrakaMan (level 2)Man (level 4)Mithril dragonMoss giant (level 51)Moss giant (Level 61)Mountain TrollMountain Troll (level 75)Mourner (level 85)NecromancerOgre statueOtherworldly beingPee HatPirate (jail)Pirate (level 42)Pirate (level 46)Red dragonRenegade KnightRevenant hobgoblinRockRock crabSalarin the TwistedSaradomin wizardSkeletal WyvernSkeleton (level 16)Skeleton (level 32)Skeleton (level 58)Skeleton (level 77 Tarn)Skeleton (level 85)Skeleton fremennik (34)Skeleton fremennik (40)Skeleton Mage (Piscatoris)SorebonesSpeedy KeithStarlightSteel DragonStickThrower TrollThugTormented demonTortured soulTroll General (171)Troll General (91)Troll SpectatorTzHaar-MejUndead Troll (level 86)Warped terrorbirdWarped tortoiseWater ElementalWhite Knight (level 35)White Knight (level 38)White Knight (level 39)WizardZamorak crafterZamorak WizardZombie (level 29)Zombie pirate (level 49)

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