No Requirements.
Where Found:
Promotional event for Treasure Hunter during the weekend of October 16-19th 2014.
Item Uses:
When worn in combination with the Law ethereal body, Law ethereal legs, Law ethereal head, and Law ethereal feet, you will obtain a number of bonuses when Runecrafting: A chance to double your runes when siphoning in the Runespan - 5% with the full outfit. 25% chance for your rune pouch to not degrade while runecrafting in a full outfit. Store up to 6 pieces of rune essence in a full outfit. All the benefits of the master runecrafter robes and wicked robes, should you already have unlocked these. The ability to move between islands in the Runespan without rune cost.
This item, when combined with the Blood ethereal hands, and Death ethereal hands, creates the Infinity ethereal hands, which has more benefits than the regular ethereal sets.

A random piece of one of the Ethereal outfits (Blood ethereal, Death ethereal, or Law ethereal) can be created at Level 22 Invention by combining 3600 Ethereal Fragments, which are earned through Runecrafting, at an Inventor's Workbench.
0 kg
Examine Information:
The hands of a law rune ethereal.

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