Jack of Spades and 110 Slayer to use. At least 88 Slayer is needed to get as a monster drop.
Where Found:
Monster drop.
Item Uses:
Used to access the Magister.
This key is dropped by the slayer creatures found in the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon. It is used to fight the Solo boss The Magister.
0.45 kg
Examine Information:
This key unlocks the First Gate; the crossing between Gielinor and the Underworld.
Dropped By:
Corrupted dust devil Corrupted kalphite guardian Corrupted kalphite marauder Corrupted lizard
Corrupted scarab Corrupted scorpion Corrupted worker Crocodile akh
Feline akh Gorilla akh Imperial mage akh Imperial ranger akh
Imperial warrior akh Salawa akh Scarab akh The Magister

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