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Where Found:
Dropped by the Yk'lagor the Thunderous boss during Dungeoneering.
Item Uses:
Use to read (see below).
This book can be read any time by talking to the Dungeoneering tutor.

Book transcription:

4th Age, year 1837. Date unknown.

Bilrach was presented with face of a dead Kal'Gerion at banquet today, which intrigued me. It seems that, when in the presence of a superior, a Kal'Gerion will offer a gift from the body of a demon they bested in combat. The more powerful demons, meanwhile, know that they cannot be bested in one-on-one battle, so taunt and belittle the smaller demons, goading them into fighting each other. I think of one Kal'Gerion as I write this, Yk'Lagor the Thunderous, who thinned his ranks by forcing them to kill each other, and then demanded new troops to be brought in from the Kal'Gerion realm. Mages report to me that Yk'Lagor is still in occult floors of this dungeon, being bled of his power as a lesson to those greater demons who would question Bilrach. The display of power should mean that Bilrach receives more Kal'Gerion body parts in the future.
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Examine Information:
An unknown mage's notes on the Kal'Gerion demons.

This Data was submitted by: Deimos XD

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