90 - 113 Dungeoneering to obtain and use.
Where Found:
Monster Drop.
Item Uses:
Unlocks the following five Kal'gerion demon titles:
  • the Bloodchiller
  • the Riftsplitter
  • the Pummeller
  • the Thunderous
  • the Warmonger
Only one title is unlocked each time a commendation is used and in the order listed above. In addition, to unlock a title you must have also killed the equivalent Kal'gerion demon while Dungeoneering, these are: As 90 Dungeoneering is required to access the Kal'gerion demons and obtain a commendation, you will be able to unlock the first four titles as soon as you obtain a commendation for each. However, if you don't have 113 Dungeoneering for Kal'Ger, then you can bank the scroll for future use.

Once you have unlocked all five titles, the commendation will no longer be dropped by the demons.
0 kg
Examine Information:
This strange object hums with demonic power. Read it to earn a demonic title. You may only have one of these objects at a time.
Dropped By:

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