No Requirements.
Where Found:
Bought from Mr Ex.
Item Uses:
Opened to convert a Hardcore Ironman account to a regular Ironman account.
The jar can be opened whenever you wish to convert your Hardcore Ironman account into a normal Ironman account. Or it can be stored in your bank where it will self activate upon death. Note that if you have bought a divine coin, that will be used first and the jar will be used on your next death; or the one following if you buy a second coin.

This item can be taken to Mr Ex to have him seal the jar. Doing so will prevent the jar from opening before the player dies. Doing so will also prevent the purchase and/or use of the Book of diplomacy, thus making the account permanently Ironman status even after death. Doing this is in no way reversible, so make sure this is definitely what you want before having him seal it. Sealing the jar is also unnecessary to make the jar work. It will automatically make the account a normal Ironman upon death as long as you own the jar.

When you die and return as a normal Ironman, you will lose all but 3 of your items and have no way to reclaim the rest of your lost gear.
0.1 kg
Examine Information:
Opening this will declare your presence to the gods, allowing you to return upon death.

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