Retain After Quest?
53 Farming to plant; completion of the Back to My Roots quest.
Where Found:
Obtained from the vine maze during the quest and from Horacio.
Item Uses:
Can be planted in the jade vine patch to grow a jade vine.
When the vine has fully grown, you may check its health for 1500 Farming experience.
You may then choose to prune the vine back or let it become a wild jade vine and slay it for 2500 Slayer experience.
Grow time: 960 minutes
Plant exp: 50; Check health exp: 1500; Harvest (prune) exp: 30
Horacio will protect your vine patch if you pay him ten wildblood hops.
If lost, ask Horacio outside of Lord Handelmort's mansion for another.
0 kg
Examine Information:
A large seed.
Always Dropped By:

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