Retain After Quest?
Partial completion of Missing, Presumed Death to obtain.
Where Found:
Obtained after defeating the Wights that ambush you.
Item Uses:
Opened next to Icthlarin during the quest; Used to teleport you to the Empyrean citadel and return to Gielinor; "shortcut" to Odd Old Man, Skeletal Horror, and the 2 nearby Network Beacons when you return to Gielinor.
After completion of the associated quests, if you have unlocked the entire Hub track, this item can be retrieved from the Quest Item Storage chest at the Quest Point Caravan if lost or destroyed. Otherwise, a new one can be obtained from Brother Samwell or the box that replaces him after Kindred Spirits.

It's ability to teleport you near the Odd Old Man, Skeletal Horror, and the 2 nearby Network Beacons is the main reason this item would be kept. Beyond this, there is no need to keep this item after the quests have been completed. As such, it can be destroyed or kept as you desire. If lost or destroyed after the quest, it can be reclaimed from
0 kg
Examine Information:
A mysterious box with a mask fixed to the top.

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