No Requirements.
Where Found:
Found in the house East of Catherby Bank; Obtained from Beekeeper.
Item Uses:
Used on beehives to drive away the bees; Used to weaken Mosquito swarm.
To collect wax: Use Insect repellent on a beehive to drive away bees, then "Take from" beehive while carrying a Bucket to get a Bucket of wax.

To collect honey: You will first need to have added a flower for the type of honey desired. See our Player-Owned Farms for associated flowers. Use Insect repellent on a beehive to drive away bees. You will get a message telling you that you see the bees leaving. Clicking the hive will then give you the option to collect the honey or not. Choosing to not collect it will open the flower deposit interface. Collecting the honey will cause you to begin collecting the special honey and continue to do so until the hive is empty or your inventory is full. This will be used during Merlin's Crystal and Troll Romance.

Can be added to your toolbelt.
0 kg
Examine Information:
Drives away all known 6 legged creatures.

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