17 Hunter.
Where Found:
Player made (See notes) and obtained from Elnock Inquisitor.
Item Uses:
Used to hold Implings.
You can trade one caught impling to Elnock Inquisitor to get three Impling jars.

The Jar generator can make these jars, as well as Butterfly jars . Elnock will also give you five Impling jars if you ask for it.

To make one yourself, you will need a flower (either a farming flower or a flower from Mithril seeds ), Butterfly jar , 8 cooked Anchovies, a Pestle and mortar, an empty Vial and a Sieve (obtainable from the Chemist in Rimmington ). Use the cooked Anchovies with the Pestle and mortar to get a thick paste. Next, use the thick paste with a Sieve to extract some oil into the Vial . Use the flowers on the Vial . Lastly use the vial of anchovy oil and a Butterfly jar on the lamp oil still to convert it into an impling jar.
0 kg
Examine Information:
It's got little holes in the top.

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