60 Mining to obtain and open.
Where Found:
Occasionally obtained while Mining any of the following rocks: Orichalcite, Drakolith, Necrite, Phasmatite, Concentrated coal, Banite, Light animica, and Dark animica.
Item Uses:
Opened to obtain 1 of several items (See Notes).
When opened, it is possible to obtain 1 of the following items:
Item Chance
Spirit Shards
Spirit shards
Uncut Diamond
Uncut diamond
Uncut Dragonstone
Uncut dragonstone
Uncut Emerald
Uncut emerald
Uncut Jade
Uncut jade
Uncut Opal
Uncut opal
Uncut Red Topaz
Uncut red topaz
Uncut Ruby
Uncut ruby
Uncut Sapphire
Uncut sapphire

By default, you will begin with a 5% chance of obtaining a geode each time you obtain an ore, however, as your Mining level increases, you will have a higher chance of obtaining a geode. When obtaining an Igneous geode, you also have a 1% default chance of receiving a Metamorphic geode instead. It is possible to increase your chances of obtaining a geode with the following chance modifiers:
Item Boost
Amulet of glory 1%
Collector's insignia 2%
Collector's insignia (charged) 3%
Gem-finding scrimshaw 2%
Refined perk 1 2%
Refined perk 2 4%
Refined perk 3 6%
Resourceful aura 2%
Superior gem-finding scrimshaw 3%
Tier 1 Luck enhancers* 0.5%
Tier 2 Luck enhancers* 1%
Tier 3 Luck enhancers* 1.5%
Tier 4 Luck enhancers* 2%
*Chance that it will upgrade an Igneous geode to a Metamorphic one.
0 kg
Examine Information:
An uncommon hollow rock with something inside.

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