Must wear Luck of the Dwarves to potentially obtain from the Rare Drop Table.
Where Found:
Monster drop (Rare Drop Table).
Item Uses:
Wearing provides Tier 4 luck enhancement; teleport to Miscellania throne room, Grand Exchange in Varrock, Keldagrim, or Tree Gnome Stronghold.
Teleportation to Miscellania Throne Room, the Grand Exchange in Varrock, Keldagrim, or Tree Gnome Stronghold does not need recharging.

Tier 4 luck includes:

This ring affects the luck of all Slayer Monsters.

For more information about luck, please see the Rare Drop Table Special Report.
0.006 kg
Examine Information:
Hazelmere's long lost signet ring. It should prove lucky whilst wearing it and fighting tough monsters.

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