Retain After Quest?
Where Found:
Is given to you after you give Hazeel's memory to Kharshai.
Item Uses:
Can be read to learn the contents of Hazeel's memory.
If lost or destroyed, you can reclaim this from your player-owned-house bookshelf.

I do not understand this place at all. These creatures are disgusting! When a human needs to replenish itself, it tears and consumes the flesh of the dead. They actually push the meat into their mouths and physically absorb it into their bodies. Worse, they have a strange taboo against the consumption of other humans, as if sullying themselves with the flesh of a lesser creature rather than a peer was somehow better! I have seen some of my kin copying this act in order to better socialise and bond with the humans, forcing meat and liquid into their bodies, and then regurgitating it later. I cannot bear the thought of it. Sometimes the humans even eat when they are not in need of replenishment, just for the feel of the sticky, slimy mess sliding down their gullets!

The Chthonians are just as bad, although unlike the humans they are capable of absorbing the whole essence of their meals rather than just the nutrients. They have a legal rather than a cultural restriction on cannibalism, and without exception every Chthonian I have met slavered at the very thought of consuming its kin. There is a law in the empire against consuming humans, but I do not think they keep it very well, and I do not think Zaros is aware of the violation. There are many forces that keep the streets of Senntisten clear of the homeless, and not all of them are economic.

I have never seen an Avernic eat. Even more so than Mahjarrat, they seem to generate the energy they need within themselves, or perhaps they channel it from some other place. Unlike a Mahjarrat, they leak this power constantly in the form of heat pouring from their bodies. This is why they combust on death. I can imagine a way to harness this property. One Byzroth submerged in a cistern could heat the water supply to a whole building. I should investigate this possibility.
1 kg
Examine Information:
This is a book containing a transcription of Hazeel's memory.

This Data was submitted by: Mr Tudjay and Rooskii.

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