95 Herblore to make (Exp: 300).
Where Found:
Player Made (See Notes).
Item Uses:
Consumed before harvesting crops from fully grown allotment patches to harvest "mega" versions of the crop for 6 minutes.
Made by combining Primal extract, Clean arbuck, and Watermelon.

A single dose of this potion can be purchased from Granny Potterington or Prehistoric Potterington for 1,000 Beans.

Mega-vegetation that can be obtained includes:
Farming Level Original Mega-Vegetation
1 Potato Sweet potato
5 Onion Red onion
7 Cabbage Cannonball cabbage
12 Tomato Heirloom tomato
20 Sweetcorn Rainbow sweetcorn
31 Strawberry White strawberry
47 Watermelon Golden watermelon
Examine Information:
3 doses of harvest potion.

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