75 Crafting and completion of Plague's End to obtain (Exp: 80); 75 Smithing to use.
Where Found:
Obtained by playing a Harmonium Harp in the Ithell Sector of Prifddinas; Pickpocketed from Ithell workers.
Item Uses:
Used to make Crystal equipment.
The higher your Crafting level, the faster you'll obtain both experience and Harmonic dust while playing a harp, however, they'll slowly go out of tune as you play and the rate will decrease until the harp must be re-tuned after obtaining 100 dust.

At 75 Smithing you can take this dust and either a Crystal tool seed, Crystal armour seed, or Crystal weapon seed to the Singing bowl north of Lady Ithell and make your own Crystal equipment.

A Crystal pickaxe or Crystal hatchet can be made by taking 4,000 Harmonic dust and the respective dragon tool to Lady Ithell to have her encase them in crystal for you.
0 kg
Examine Information:
Used in conjunction with a crystal seed to crystal sing.

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