95 Farming to plant.
Where Found:
Pickpocketed from elves, gnomes, or dwarf traders, can be found while hunting Jadinkos.
Item Uses:
Can be planted in a hops patch to grow Grapes of Saradomin, Grapes of Guthix, and Grapes of Zamorak.
Four grapevine seeds can be planted in a hops patch to grow god grapes in 80 minutes. A frame needs to be built with five planks to grow the grapes.
Plant exp: 230; Harvest exp: 330
Paying the farmer fifteen krandorian hops will protect them.
0 kg
Examine Information:
A grapevine seed - plant in a hops patch.
Dropped By:
Amphibious jadinko Aquatic jadinko Bulbous crawler Cannibal jadinko
Carrion jadinko Common jadinko Draconic jadinko Guthix jadinko
Igneous jadinko Luminous snaggler Saradomin jadinko Tormented demon
Vorago Zamorak jadinko

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