72 Hunter to make.
Where Found:
Claimed for free from Pikkupstix in Taverley; Monster drop; Player made (See Notes Section); Reward for completing Wolf Whistle (275 charms); Stolen from Average and Rich chests in Dorgesh-Kaan; Bought from Nomad or Zimberfizz for 4 Soul Wars Zeal; Possible reward for burning a Vyrewatch corpse; Looted from a Spirit impling; Pickpocketed from Amlodd workers in Prifddinas.
Item Uses:
Used to train Summoning.
Gold charms generally provide the least Summoning experience each (up to 93.2) of any charm, but must be used to start training and are still somewhat useful until you surpass reach the level 70s when the cost/xp ratio makes them significantly less efficient than other charms.

These are the most common type of charm dropped by monsters, with Fire giant and Hellhound often being killed by players collecting Gold charms as they have a very common drop rate.

Made by combining 5 Gold charm slices.
0 kg
Examine Information:
A charm used to summon familiars.
Dropped By:
'Rum'-pumped crab Aberrant spectre Aberrant spectre (level 78) Abomination Abyssal demon Abyssal guardian Abyssal leech Abyssal walker Acheron mammoth Adamant dragon Adolescent White wolf Airut Animated spade Aquanite Araxxi Armoured zombie Automaton Generator Automaton Guardian Automaton Tracer Baby black dragon Bandit Brawler Banshee Barbarian Barbarian (archer) Barbarian (level 10) Barbarian (woman) Barbarian (woman) (level 10) Barbarian (woman) (level 28) Basilisk Bat Big Wolf Black Bear Black demon Black dragon Black Knight (level 33) Black unicorn Black unicorn Foal Blissful shadow Bloodveld (level 61) Bloodveld (level 68) Bloodveld (level 92) Blue dragon Bork Brine rat Bronze dragon Cadarn magus Cadarn ranger Camel warrior Capsarius Catablepon Catablepon (level 54) Cave bug (level 12) Cave Crawler (level 53) Cave crawler (level 74) Cave Crawler (level 78) Cave goblin Celestial dragon Chaos dwarf Chaos dwarf hand cannoneer Chaos dwogre Chaos giant Charming Moth Cockatrice Cockroach drone Cockroach soldier Cockroach worker Commander Zilyana Corporeal Beast Cow (level 2) Cow (level 4) Cow calf Crawling hand (level 18) Crypt rat Crypt spider Cyclossus Dagannoth (baby) Dagannoth (level 112) Dagannoth (level 77) Dagannoth (level 78) Dagannoth (level 79) Dagon'hai Monk Dark beast Dark Warrior Deadly red spider Desert strykewyrm Dire wolf Dried zombie (level 67) Dung kalphite Dust devil Dust devil (elite) Dwarf (level 14) Dwarf (level 39) Earth Warrior Edimmu Elf warrior (level 84) Elf warrior (level 89) Elite Dark Warrior Elite Khazard guard Exiled kalphite guardian Exiled kalphite marauder Fenris wolf Fire elemental Fire giant Flesh Crawler (level 39) Flesh Crawler (level 40) Frost dragon Fungal mage Fungal rodent Ganodermic beast Ganodermic runt Gargoyle Gelatinious abomination General Graardor General malpractitioner Ghoul Giant ant soldier Giant bat Giant crypt rat Giant mole Giant Rock Crab Giant spider (level 2) Giant spider (level 39) Giant spider (level 4) Glacor Gladius Gnoeal Gnome (level 43) Goblin (level 13) Goblin (level 2) Greater demon Greater demon (elite) Greater reborn mage Greater Reborn Warrior (level 128) Green Dragon Grifolapine Grifolaroo Grizzly bear (level 32) Grizzly bear cub (level 29) Grotworm Guard (Ardougne) Harpie Bug Swarm Hellhound Hill Giant Hobgoblin (level 28) Ice giant Ice spider Ice strykewyrm Ice warrior Ice wolf Icefiend Infernal Mage Infested axe Iorwerth guard Iorwerth scout Iron dragon Jelly Jogre Jungle strykewyrm K'ril Tsutsaroth Kal'gerion demon Kalphite Guardian Kalphite King Kalphite Queen Kalphite Soldier Kalphite Worker Khazard trooper Killerwatt King Black Dragon Kraka Kree'arra Kurask Lava strykewyrm Leech Legio Primus Legio Quartus Legio Quintus Legio Secundus Legio Sextus Legio Tertius Lesser Demon Lesser reborn mage Lesser reborn warrior Living rock protector Living rock striker Manifest shadow Mature grotworm Mighty banshee Mithril dragon Monk of Zamorak (level 54) Moss giant (level 51) Moss giant (Level 61) Mounted terrorbird gnome (level 53) Mounted terrorbird gnome (level 66) Mummy Mutated bloodveld (level 91) Mutated bloodveld (level 95) Mutated jadinko baby Mutated jadinko guard Mutated jadinko male Nechryael Nex Nomad (Hard Mode) Ogre (level 67) Ogress Ogress champion Ogress warrior Ork legion Pee Hat Pig Pyrefiend Pyrefiend (level 67) Queen Black Dragon Red dragon Ripper demon Rock Rock crab Rock lobster Rogue Rorarius Scorpion (level 14) Scutarius Shadow Warrior Skeletal hand Skeletal Wyvern Skeleton (level 15) Skeleton (level 70) Skeleton (level 77) Skogre Spider Steel Dragon Stick Suqah (level 73) Suqah (level 74) Suqah (level 79) Terror dog (level 61) Terror dog (level 65) Thug Tormented demon Tormented wraith Troll brute Troll chucker Troll commando Troll General (171) Troll General (91) Troll ranger commando Troll shaman Truthful shadow Turoth (level 64) Turoth (level 66) Turoth (level 68) Turoth (level 69) Turoth (level 71) Undead Troll (level 86) Undead Troll (level 95) Vampyre Vampyre (level 88) Vorago Vyrelady Vyrelord Vyrewatch (level 86) Vyrewatch (level 91) Wall beast Wallasalki Warped tortoise Waterfiend Waterfiend (Ghorrock) Werewolf Werewolf (level 89) White wolf White wolf (level 25) Wild dog WildyWyrm Wizard Wolf (level 16) Wolf (level 23) Wolf (level 42) Wyvern Young grotworm Zamorak Warrior (level 61) Zamorak Warrior (level 65) Zogre

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