No Requirements.
Where Found:
Respawns in Entrana on some drawers in a house with a range, Grandpa Jack's house northwest of Ranging Guild.

Can be bought from trader crew members in Port Sarim, Karamja, Brimhaven, Port Phasmatys, Port Tyras, Catherby, Mos LeHarmless, and Port Khazard.
Item Uses:
Used with Molten glass to make glass items.
Molten glass is obtained by cooking Seaweed on a range, making it into Soda ash. Then, use it with a furnace while you have a Bucket of sand with you. For more information, check out our Crafting Guide.

NOTE: These are the items that are able to be made by using this item on Molten glass:

Beer glass, Candle lantern, Oil lamp, Empty vial, Fishbowl, Unpowered orb, Lantern lens, and Light orb.
0.05 kg
Examine Information:
Used to form molten glass into useful items.

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