Building a gilded wardrobe requires 87 Construction, 3 mahogany planks, and 1 gold leaf.
Where Found:
Player made.
Item Uses:
Players can change their shoe colour, hand, sleeve, leg and torso type and colour for free using the wardrobe.
A Gilded wardrobe flatpack was also a possible reward from level 3 treasure trails. However, all the furniture rewards were removed, so it is now no longer possible to obtain a Gilded Wardrobe from treasure trails. While the gilded wardrobe contains a variety of clothing types, players are warned that it does not contain as wide a variety as Thessalia's Makeovers, nor are there as many colour options for the types offered. The change process is not reversible once started: clicking through the clothing choices in the wardrobe will immediately change the player's clothing to the displayed item. Players entering the wardrobe with clothing not supported by the wardrobe will lose that outfit if they click through the wardrobe's choices; they will have to re-purchase the clothing at Thessalia's if they wish to recover it.
Examine Information:
A ready-to-assemble gilded mahogany bedroom wardrobe.

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