Completion of Violet is Blue to obtain.
Where Found:
4 locations within Yeti Town (See Notes).
Item Uses:
Thawed to obtain experience in a chosen skill.
There are a total of 4 Frozen snow implings which can be found in Yeti Town. Each Frozen snow impling requires all your skills (excluding Elite skills) to be a certain level or higher. The higher the required levels, the more experience you will gain from thawing it. Once the Frozen snow impling has been found and thawed, you will not be able to find it again.
Imp Skill Level Experience Location Image
1 20 2,000 In a crate on the North West side of the South Eastern-most building Frozen Impling 1
2 40 8,000 Inside the Southern well Frozen Impling 2
3 60 30,000 Barrel on the Western docks Frozen Impling 3
4 80 50,000 Cart to the North West of the Bonfire Frozen Impling 4
0.1 kg
Examine Information:
Poor little thing has frozen solid.

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