There are no level requirements to wear. A crab claw is made by the player using the Crafting skill.
Where Found:
Drop from Crab.
Item Uses:
Can be chiseled into gloves.
The Crab claw is a member's only piece of armour that is worn in the gloves slot. Having at least 15 Crafting, use a Chisel on a fresh crab claw. This will grant 32.5 Crafting experience and create a crab claw weapon. It is possible to break the claw when using a chisel on it. The crab claw has a matching Crab helmet. The claw may be brought to Patchy with a Pirate's hook and he will make the player a Crabclaw hook. This item must be unequipped before another item may be equipped in its place (rather than the new item replacing it). There is also a glitch with the crab claw that when worn the player with armguards appear to not be wearing them when the crab claw is equipped.
Examine Information:
Fresh off the crab itself.
Dropped By:

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