1 Crafting to spin (Exp: 15).
Where Found:
(Many) - A field located south of Seers' Village.
(Many) - Lletya.
(Few) - Tree Gnome Stronghold.
(Few) - Southwest of Rellekka.
(Few) - Taverley.
(Few) - Lunar Isle.
(Few) - South of the cowpin in Burthorpe.
Item Uses:
Spun on a spinning wheel to make Bow strings.
Spinning wheels for are located around RuneScape such as in the Tree Gnome Stronghold, in Seers' Village, in the Barbarian Village, in Falador, and in Lumbridge.
0 kg
Examine Information:
I should use this with a spinning wheel.
Dropped By:
Balfrug kreeyath Bree Commander Zilyana Elf warrior (level 84)
Elf warrior (level 89) Flight Kilisa Flockleader Geerin Ganodermic beast
Ganodermic runt General Graardor Grotworm Growler
K'ril Tsutsaroth Kree'arra Kurask Mature grotworm
Oipuis Ouhai Rock crab Sergeant Grimspike
Sergeant Steelwill Sergeant Strongstack Starlight Tstanon Karlak
TzHaar-Hur Wingman Skree Young grotworm Zakl'n Gritch

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