Level 5 Fishing.
Where Found:
Monster drop
Bought from the following:
Roachey in the Fishing Guild Gerrant in Port Sarim Shantay in Al Kharid Fernahei in Shilo Village
Frawd in Oo'glog Alison Elmshaper in Taverley Ezekial Lovecraft in Witchaven Hank in Lumbridge
Fishmongers in Miscellania and Etceteria Fish monger in Rellekka

4 fishing bait Respawn in southern Taverley by the dead troll just south of the Taverly Slayer master Turael.
Item Uses:
Used for bait Fishing.
When used with a Fishing rod and appropriate Fishing level the following fish can be caught:
Raw sardine Raw herring Raw pike Slimey eel
Raw cave eel Leaping trout* Leaping salmon* Leaping sturgeon*
Raw cavefish

* Leaping trout, Leaping salmon, and Leaping sturgeon require a Barbarian rod and parital completion of Barbarian Training.
0 kg
Examine Information:
For use with a fishing rod.
Dropped By:

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