Level 3 Herblore.
Where Found:
This item is either bought or dropped by a monster and does not respawn anywhere in Runescape.
Bought from Magic stores and Herblore Store.
Item Uses:
Used to make Attack and Super attack potions; Used in the Witch's Potion quest.
Used in the Herblore skill as a main ingredient for Attack and Super attack potions. Add it to a Guam potion (unf) to make a Attack potion (3) (level 3 Herblore) or to a Irit potion (unf) to make a Super attack potion (3) (level 45 Herblore)
0 kg
Examine Information:
It seems to be looking at me.
Always Dropped By:
Newtroost (4-10)
Dropped By:

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