No Requirements.
Where Found:
Player Made (See Notes).
Item Uses:
Consumed to restore up to 70 + 50% Prayer points; Four are used to create a Blessed flask.
Made by combining lower doses of Extreme prayer e.g. Extreme prayer (3) and Extreme prayer (1).

Depending upon your Prayer level, consuming this potion will restore between 75 and 565 Prayer points at it's base value. The effects of this potion can stack with the Reverence aura (all levels) and the Holy wrench. Up to 640 Prayer points can be restored per dose if a Supreme reverence aura and the Holy wrench are used in addition to the potion.

Up to 80 doses of this potion can be stored within a Blessed flask.
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0 kg
Examine Information:
4 doses of extreme cooking potion.

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