Retain After Quest?
Must have started The Vault of Shadows to obtain.
Where Found:
Obtained from Dr. Nabanik.
Item Uses:
Used to cast the Exsanguinate spell and activate the Blood dial (item is consumed).
Using this item means that you will need to will need to give Dr. Nabanik a restored 'Exsanguinate' spell scroll in order to receive experience for solving the Blood door puzzle. Doing so will earn you 5,000 Archaeology experience.

If not used during The Vault of Shadows, you will earn the afore mentioned experience once the door puzzle is solved and the unused loaner scroll will be reclaimed by Dr. Nabanik upon completion of the Miniquest.

If lost or destroyed, a new one can be obtained from Dr. Nabanik.
This item cannot be disassembled.
0.001 kg
Examine Information:
A fully restored blood spell scroll.

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