30 Agility to obtain.
Where Found:
Randomly obtained while training on the Anachronia Agility course.
Item Uses:
Used as a secondary resource to build the tier 3 spa in the Anachronia base camp.
Investigating the item results in the message, "This looks very rare. This can be used to upgrade the spa to tier 3 at the base camp."

Note that if the oils are located in your bank, the ingredients list text in the Anachronia base camp interface will remain red as if you do not have this item. However, it is still possible to build the tier 3 spa with it in your bank.

The odds of receiving this item from the Anachronia Agility course is 1/1,800 every time you traverse an obstacle in a lap. In other words, if you repeatedly pass the same obstacle, each attempt after the first will have a 0% chance of obtaining the Essential oils.
0 kg
Examine Information:
This can be used to upgrade the spa to tier 3 at the base camp.

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