99 Archaeology and Guildmaster qualification to obtain; 99 Archaeology, Guildmaster qualification, and Philosophy special research to use (Exp: 0).
Where Found:
Purchased from Ezreal.
Item Uses:
Used at the monolith to construct a Mattock of Time and Space.
Once an energised meteorite shard is obtained for the first time, it unlocks the Philosophy special research. While owned by the player, they cannot purchase another one, even if they have enough Chronotes.

While carrying this item, a Crystal mattock, and an Imcando mattock (either or both can be augmented), a player can use the energised meteorie shard on the monolith to make a Mattock of Time and Space. If one or both of the mattocks are augmented, then the Mattock of Time and Space will be augmented as well. If both mattocks are augmented, the player chooses which mattocks perks and item experience get carried over to the new item.
This item cannot be disassembled.
0 kg
Examine Information:
A shard of meteorite sparks with an intense energy.

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