Retain After Quest?
No requirements.
Where Found:
Given to you by Silver merchant during the Making History quest.
Given to you by Jorral during the Meeting History quest.
Item Uses:
Used for the Making History and Meeting History quests. Used for Treasure Hunt mini-quest.
Feeling the key will tell you its temperature. By moving around, it gives directions to a chest (e.g. "warmer" means closer). Once at the chest, the key will say "The key is steaming. It must be right below your feet." Dig up the chest with a spade. The key will dissolve after you have found the three God Spears. The key can be stored on a Steel key ring. If lost, it can be retrieved by talking to Silver merchant if you haven't started the Meeting History quest. Once you have started the Meeting History quest, it can be retrieved by talking to Jorral.
You will need this for The Light Within quest.
0 kg
Examine Information:
It seems to change temperature as I walk. (Meeting History)

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