Retain After Quest?
20 Smithing, and Elemental Workshop I quest to make (Exp: 7.5).
Where Found:
Player made (See Notes Section).
Item Uses:
Player made by using an Elemental ore with 4 Coal on a specially heated furnace. Used during the Elemental Workshop I quest to make make an Elemental shield. Used during the The Elemental Workshop II quest to make a Crane claw. Used during The Elemental Workshop III quest to make a Ragged elemental key. Used during The Elemental Workshop IV quest to make Cosmic gloves, and Chaos boots.
1 kg
Examine Information:
It's a bar of refined elemental ore.
Dropped By:
Chaos Elemental Revenant cyclops Revenant dark beast Revenant demon
Revenant dragon Revenant goblin (level 24) Revenant goblin (level 28) Revenant goblin (level 32)
Revenant goblin (level 40) Revenant hellhound Revenant hobgoblin Revenant icefiend
Revenant imp Revenant knight Revenant ork Revenant pyrefiend
Revenant vampyre Revenant werewolf

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