90 Woodcutting to cut (325 xp); 90 Firemaking to burn (435 xp); 90 Fletching to fletch.
Where Found:
Cut from an Elder Tree.
Item Uses:
Used to train Firemaking and Fletching.
These trees can be found: Elder logs are the highest-level and most valuable type of untreated (i.e. non-pyre) logs in the game. They can be cut from an Elder Tree for a maximum of 5 minutes at a time before the tree becomes depleted and you will need to switch to another tree and/or wait 10 minutes.

Elder logs can be fletched into the following items:
Fletching level Item Created Experience
90 45 Arrow shafts 20
90 Elder shortbow (u) 101.2
95 Elder shieldbow (u) 116.4
All Fletched Elder items are Members only.
2 kg
Examine Information:
Logs cut from an elder tree.

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