No requirements.
Where Found:
Monster drop.
Item Uses:
Given to Eir to gain bonus xp in Divination or Prayer.
This spear (along with the helmet) can be handed into Eir south of the Golden Apple Tree to receive bonus xp in Divination or Prayer. The higher your level in the skill you choose the more bonus you'll gain. Once turned in you'll also get cosmetic overrides of both the spear and helmet.

You can obtain the spear by either killing Hati, killing Sköll or it can be found while harvesting an enriched sparkling wisp. You will only ever find the same item, and must trade with a player to obtain the other. For example, if you loot the spear, you'll only ever loot the spear. To get the helmet you'll need to trade.
0 kg
Examine Information:
The spear of the valkyrie, Eir.

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