No Requirements for the first 4 uses, See Notes for the remaining uses.
Where Found:
Monster Drop; Possibly obtained from Box of summoning ingredients; Purchased from Wizard Elriss.
Item Uses:
Used to enter the Earth temple; Used to create an Earth tiara; Used to create an Earth talisman staff; Used on Wicked hood; Used to create Moss titan pouch; Used to create Staff of limitless earth, Staff of limitless lava, and Staff of limitless mud; Used to create combination runes: Dust, Mud, and Lava.
It is necessary to enter the Earth temple, found North East of Varrock, South of the Lumber Yard.

When creating an Earth tiara, you will need a talisman and a tiara. With both in your inventory, use the tiara on the altar for them to combine. The item created can now be worn to save you an inventory slot while creating Earth runes.

When creating an Earth talisman staff, you will need a talisman and a Runecrafting staff. With both in your inventory, use the staff on the altar for them to combine. The item created can now be equipped to save you an inventory slot while creating Earth runes.

To create a Moss titan pouch, you will need: 79 Summoning, 202 Spirit shards, Blue charm, and Earth talisman. Use a Summoning obelisk and you will earn 695.2 experience without any boosts when created.

For the limitless staves, you will need to use the following items on each other to create it. Note that to create the staves you also need 75 Crafting. Creating the item cannot be undone and will award you with 800 experience.

Air talismans can help create: Dust, Mud, and Lava runes. See our Runecrafting guide for more information about combination runes, how they are made, and what levels are needed.

Using this item on the Wicked hood will unlock the ability for you to be able to add Earth runes/temple to the daily perks of the hood.

Talismans include: *Members only
0.01 kg
Examine Information:
A mysterious power emanates from the talisman...
Dropped By:
Abyssal guardian Abyssal leech Abyssal walker Afflicted (Level 60)
Afflicted (Level 61) Afflicted (Level 63) Afflicted (Level 64) Al-Kharid warrior
Anja Archer Automaton Generator Automaton Guardian
Automaton Tracer Blood nihil Ceolburg Chaos giant
Corpse archer Corpse mage Corrupted scorpion Cuffs
Dagannoth (level 112) Dagannoth Prime Dagannoth Rex Dagannoth Supreme
Desert strykewyrm Dragith nurn Drunken man Farmer
Giant Rock Crab Giant spider (level 2) Giant spider (level 33) Giant spider (level 39)
Giant spider (level 4) Goblin statue Guard (Burthorpe) Hengel
Jeff Kalphite King Man (level 2) Man (level 4)
Narf Nex: Angel of Death Ocga Ogre statue
Ork statue Ourg statue Penda Rock lobster
Rogue Rusty Thief Vampyre
Vampyre (level 88) Venomous dinosaur Wallasalki Warped bat
Woman (level 4)

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