9 Runecrafting to make.
Where Found:
Respawns north of Varrock, Varrock Sewers, the Dark Knight's Fortress. Player made (See Notes); Bought from Magic Store owner in the Wizards' Guild and Ali Morrisane after the Rogue Trader mini-game; Possible reward from burning a Vyrewatch corpse; Possible monster drop.
Item Uses:
Magic spells.
Earth runes can be used for spells such as Earth Strike, Earth Bolt, Earth Blast, Earth Wave, and Earth Surge. Earth runes can be substituted by an Earth staff, Earth battlestaff, Lava battlestaff, Mud battlestaff, Dust rune, Mud rune, or Lava Rune.

They are also a common drop from many monsters, with larger numbers from the Dark Wizards at the stone circle south of Varrock. Mountain Trolls drop these runes frequently as well, and in high quantities, often yielding 45 runes at a time.
0 kg
Examine Information:
One of the 4 basic elemental Runes.
Dropped By:
'Rum'-pumped crabAberrant spectreAberrant spectre (level 78)Abyssal demon (GWD 2)Afflicted (Level 60)Afflicted (Level 61)Afflicted (Level 63)Afflicted (Level 64)Air ElementalAirutAl-Kharid warriorAncient mage (GWD 2)Ancient ranger (GWD 2)Ancient warrior (GWD 2)AnjaAnkou (elite)Ankou (level 60)Ankou (level 61)Ankou (level 63)AquaniteAraxxiArcherArmoured zombieArrgAutomatonAutomaton championAutomaton GeneratorAutomaton GuardianAutomaton TracerAvaryss, the UnceasingAviansie (level 89)Aviansie (level 92)Aviansie (level 95)Bandit (level 54)Bandit (level 78)Bandit BrawlerBandit looterBansheeBarbarianBarbarian (woman)Barbarian (woman) (level 10)Barbarian (woman) (level 28)BasiliskBeastmaster DurzagBig frogBlack demonBlack Guard (level 42)Black guard (level 60)Black knightBlack Knight (GWD 2)Black Knight (level 33)Black Knight champion Blissful shadowBlood nihil Blood reaverBlood reaver (GWD 2)Bloodveld (GWD 2)Bloodveld (level 61)Bloodveld (level 68)Bloodveld (level 92)Blue dragonBorisBrine ratBrokefaceBrutish dinosaurBulbous crawlerButcher demonCadarn magusCadarn rangerCamel warriorCave bug (level 12)Cave bug (level 8)Cave Crawler (level 53)Cave crawler (level 74)Cave Crawler (level 78)Cave goblinCave horrorCave horror (elite)Cave slimeCeolburgChampion of InfernusChaos druidChaos druid warriorChaos dwarf (GWD 2)Chaos ElementalChaos giantCockatriceCockroach droneCockroach workerCorpse archerCorpse mageCorpse spiderCrawling corpse torsoCrystal ShapeshifterCuffsDagannoth (baby)Dagannoth (level 112)Dagannoth guardianDagon'hai MonkDark beastDark WarriorDark wizard (level 11)Dark wizard (level 30)Desert Lizard (level 63)Desert strykewyrmDragith nurnDried zombie (level 67)Drunken manDung kalphiteDust devilDust devil (elite)Earth ElementalEarth WarriorEarth wizardEdimmuEduardElf warrior (level 84)Elf warrior (level 89)Elite Khazard guard Elite Lumbridge Guard (level 3)Exiled kalphite guardianExiled kalphite marauderExiled kalphite paragonExperiment No.2Fallen champion (magic)Fallen champion (melee)Fallen champion (ranged)FarmerFeral dinosaurFerocious barbarian spiritFire elementalFire giantFlesh Crawler (level 39)Flesh Crawler (level 40)Flockleader GeerinFrost dragonFungal mageFungal rodentGeneral malpractitionerGeorgyGiant ant workerGiant Rock CrabGiant skeleton (level 80)Giant spider (level 2)Giant spider (level 33)Giant spider (level 4)Goblin (level 11)Goblin (level 2)Goblin (level 5)Goblin statueGorakGorak (level 95)Greater demonGreater demon (elite)Greater Reborn Warrior (level 128)Green DragonGregorovicGrenwallGrifolarooGrotwormGuard (Ardougne)Guard (Burthorpe)Guard (Falador Archer)Guard (Falador)Guard (Varrock)Guthix wizardHaakon the ChampionHellhound (GWD 2)HelwyrHengelHill GiantHobgoblin (level 28)Hobgoblin (level 46)Ice nihilIce strykewyrmIce troll femaleIce troll gruntIce troll maleIce troll runtImpImreInfernal MageIorwerth guardIorwerth scoutIrinaJeffJellyJennellaJosephJungle spider (level 40)Jungle strykewyrmK'ril TsutsarothKal'gerion demonKalphite GuardianKalphite KingKalphite SoldierKalphite WorkerKillerwattKrakaKree'arraLanzigLegio PrimusLegio QuartusLegio QuintusLegio SecundusLegio SextusLegio TertiusLesser DemonLesser reborn mageLevLizardMan (level 2)Man (level 4)Manifest shadowMature grotwormMighty bansheeMighty blood reaverMillaMinotaurMinotaur (level 52)MolaniskMoss giant (level 51)Moss giant (Level 61)Moss GolemMountain TrollMountain Troll (level 75)Mourner (level 85)MuggerMummyMutated bloodveld (level 91)Mutated bloodveld (level 95)Mutated jadinko babyMutated jadinko guardMutated jadinko maleMutated zygomite (level 58)Mutated zygomite (level 65)Nail beast (level 42)Nail beast (level 84)Nail beast (level 98)NarfNechryael (GWD 2)NecromancerNecromancer (GWD 2)NexNex: Angel of DeathNikitaNikolaiOgre statueOrk statueOtherworldly beingOurg statueOutlawPaladinPee HatPendaPirate (jail)Pirate (level 42)Pirate (level 46)PyrefiendPyrefiend (level 67)Queen Black DragonRenegade KnightRipper demonRipper dinosaurRockRock GolemRock lobsterRockslugRogueRorariusRustySalarin the TwistedSaradomin wizardScabaras lancerScarab mageSeren archerSeren mageSeren warriorShadow demonShadow nihilShadow WarriorSkeletal WyvernSkeleton (GWD 2)Skeleton (level 15)Skeleton (level 16)Skeleton (level 32)Skeleton (level 62)Skeleton (level 66)Skeleton (level 70)Skeleton (level 74)Skeleton (level 76)Skeleton (level 78)Skeleton (Lumbridge Catacombs)Skeleton MageSkoblinSmoke nihilSofiyaSoldierSpeedy KeithSpellwispStickSvetlanaTerror dog (level 61)Terror dog (level 65)ThiefThrower TrollThugTormented demonTormented wraithTortoiseTortoise (level 50)Tower guardTroll General (171)Troll General (91)Troll SpectatorTruthful shadowTuroth (level 64)Turoth (level 66)Turoth (level 68)Turoth (level 69)Turoth (level 71)TzHaar-MejUndead Troll (level 81)Undead Troll (level 86)Undead Troll (level 95)Unspeakable horrorUnspeakable horror (elite)VampyreVampyre (level 88)Venomous dinosaurVeraVindictaVinecrawlerVyreladyVyrelordVyrewatch (level 86)Vyrewatch (level 91)WallasalkiWarped batWarped cockroachWarped flyWarped ratWarped terrorbirdWarped tortoiseWater ElementalWerewolf (level 89)White Knight (level 38)Wight (GWD 2)Wight ranger (GWD 2)Wingman SkreeWizardWolf (GWD 2)Woman (level 4)YadvigaYakamaruYetiYoung grotwormYuriZamorak crafterZamorak WizardZamorakian SniperZojaZombie (level 12)Zombie (level 29)Zombie handZombie pirate (level 52)

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