Access to the Wushanko Isles; 92 Firemaking to burn (Exp: 454); 95 Divination to transmute (Exp: 22.5).
Where Found:
Monster drop; Purchased from Zhuka or Wan Pian when in stock; Found on Uncharted Isles.
Item Uses:
Burned for Firemaking experience; Used in Flag Fall and Jed Hunter (See Notes); Transmuted into Sliced mushrooms.
At level 95 Divination, with the use of 2 Ancestral energy, you can transmute 2 driftwood into 1 sliced mushroom.

For Flag Fall, 5 Driftwood are required to fix Boni's loom.
In Jed Hunter, 10 Driftwood pieces are needed to have Buoyancy materials created to prepare the ship.

Zhuka will buy driftwood for 1 Chime while Wan Pian will buy it for 5 each.
2.2 kg
Examine Information:
The remains of cargo or even ships themselves.
Dropped By:

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