No requirements.
Where Found:
Obtained from the Strange face after 450 bosses have been killed within the Dominion Tower, and the player has spectated on one match.
Item Uses:
Dreadnips can be left-clicked to open up an interface. The inferface entirely covers your inventory and stops you from attacking. There is only one button which functions like the 'attack' funcion in the familiar interface. Clicking it and then your target will cause one dreadnip from your stack to deploy and attack. This works both in single- and multicombat and even if you have a familiar summoned. Dreadnips dissappear when they lose sight of you, when their target dies or moves out of range, and after a certain amount of time.

In attacking, dreadnips can hit over 300 typeless damage, poison their target and stun. They provide controlled xp.
100 Dreadnips are claimed at once from the strange face, and 100 more can be claimed after every 5 events done in the tower. You can have up to 15 lots of Dreadnips ready to be claimed at once, after 75 fights won.
0 kg
Examine Information:
So incredibly fierce. Don't look it in the eyes!

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