Retain After Quest?
Must have started One of a Kind.
Where Found:
Found in Robert the Strong's library under Unferth's house in Burthorpe .
Item Uses:
Used to translate Dragonkin language.
You can toggle the automatic translation of Dragonkin words by right-clicking it. Once translated, they are added to the book.

If lost or destroyed, a new copy can be obtained from the bookcase in your Player-Owned House made through Construction.

Below is the text you can read from within the book.
Dragonkin Text
Ortha Draekeun Hok Kreath Draekeun Traken. Kreath Draekeun Traken Ortha Lith Kerapac reageth carratas. Drakkerkin dosk Ven Arraken.

(Translated: First Dragon Hok Black Dragon Traken. Black Dragon Traken First Superior Kerapac reageth carratas.Dragonkin dosk Ven Dungeon.)

Dragonkin Word Definitions
  • Arraken = Dungeon?
  • Draekeun = Dragon
  • Kreath = Dark/Shadow/Black?
  • Tho = South
  • Ortha = First
  • Verak = King/Emperor?
  • Kath = Failure/Weakling/Runt?
  • Ullergrax = Forinthry/Wilderness
  • Sketherin = Brimhaven
  • aV'rok = Varrock
  • Herethen = Taverley
  • Istruthen = Lumbridge
  • Kletter = Green
  • Gres = East
  • Lokur = Steel
  • Drakkerkin = Dragonkin
  • Castil = Combine
  • Lith = Superior
  • Vek = Failure
  • Chen = Razed/Destroyed
  • Fia = Safe/Protected from
I find myself lucky to have obtained something of a language primer for the Dragonkin, buried within the ruins of Kethsi. It's barely enough to form a few sentences, but it is certainly a start. I have a bit of a gift with languages, back from my days of study in the ancient libraries of Teragard. I hope that this journal will eventually become a dictionary of the Dragonkin language.

The language of the Dragonkin is as blunt as they are. From what I can gather, the sentence structure is direct and simple. I believe it follows a structure like this:-

Subject - Adjective if required - Action modifier - Action - Object.

So sentences like 'Odysseus went for a brisk walk in the park' would become 'Odysseus brisk walk in park'.

It seems that they really don't like to mince words, which may explain why much of their written language is only a handful of short excerpts.

Additionally I have encountered a few references to dragons that seems to have almost been given titles. The format for these appear to be Colour-Dragon-Title/Descriptor.

- Robert

Previously discovered phrases

Previous Clues
    Kletter Draekeun dosk Arraken Ullergrax.
    (Green Dragon dosk Dungeon Forinthry/Wilderness)

    Kletter Draekeun tescan Kath. Draekeun castil Lokur kel Draekeun. Drakkerkin dosk Tho Arakken Sketherin.
    (Green Dragon tescan Failure. Dragon Combine Steel kel Dragon. Dragonkin dosk South dungeon Brimhaven.)

    Ortha Draekeun Hok Kreath Draekeun Traken. Kreath Draekeun Traken Ortha lith Kerapac reageth Carratas. Drakkergin dosk Ven Arraken.
    (First Dragon Hok Black Dragon Traken. Black Dragon Traken First Superior Kerapac reageth Carratas. Dragonkin dosk Ven Dungeon)

    Draekeun Castil Lokur. Vek. Kerapac Vertentis Draekeun Lokur. Vek. Forcae Kalist. Forcae Lith Kalist. Forcae Lith Verak!
    (Dragon Combine Steel. Failure. Kerapac Vertentis Dragon Steel, Failure. Forcae Kalist. Forcae Superior King!)

    Drakkerkin Kethsi Chen. Kethsi Vek. Kalist Fia Necrosyrtes. Lith Roake Pthen Kethsi. Askanth Kuln Kethsi. Kalist Lith. Kerapac Vek.
    (Dragonkin Kethsi Drestoyed. Kethsi Failure. Kalist Safe Necrosyrtes. Superior Roake Pthen Kethsi. Askanth Kuln Kethsi. Kalist Superior. Kerapac Failure. )
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Examine Information:
A list of translated Dragonkin words and important phrases.

This Data was submitted by: Javezz, ChathMurrpau, and Rooskii

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