Access to Prifddinas to obtain; See the Dominion Tower guide for a list of quests required to fight monsters in the tower.
Where Found:
Taken from the Motherlode Maw inside the Edimmu Resource Dungeon (requires 115 Dungeoneering and at least level 95 in all skills); Obtained from Wythien in exchange for 10 Crystal motherlode shards or an Unfocused damage enhancer.
Item Uses:
Used to increase damage dealt while fighting monsters in the Dominion Tower by 10%.
This damage enhancer starts with 500 charges and 1 charge is used with every successful hit you deal.

If obtained by exchanging an Unfocused damage enhancer with Wythien, the enhancer will have only 250 charges.

It should be noted that the chance of obtaining one of these from both the Motherlode Maw and giving Wythien 10 Crystal motherlode shards is random and you may receive various other rewards instead. Both methods can also only be used once per day.
0 kg
Examine Information:
Increases damage dealt to creatures within the Dominion Tower by 10% when placed in the inventory. A charge is used each time you damage a creature.

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