75 Divination and completion of Fate of the Gods to make and use (Exp: 16); 65 Divination to harvest.
Where Found:
Player made (See Notes Section).
Item Uses:
Can be harvested once placed to obtain energy, portents and signs appropriate for your Divination level.
Made my weaving 100 Elder energy.

When harvested, 60% of the energy you obtain will be from your highest tier, 30% will be from the tier below and 10% will be from two tiers below e.g. 60% Incandescent, 30% Luminous and 10% Radiant at level 95+ Divination.

In addition to energy, you can also obtain Portents of restoration VII, Portents of restoration VIII, Signs of porter IV, Signs of item protection and Signs of life.

If other players harvest from a simulacrum you have placed, there is a chance that you will obtain noted signs and portents.

Once placed, the simulacrum will last for 5 minutes if not interacted with. Once interacted with, it will last for roughly 30 seconds.

You may only craft one divine location per day, but you may place as many as you like.
0 kg
Examine Information:
Place this to gather energy and divination rewards. Others may use your simulacrum. Harvesting requires a divination level of 65 or more.

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