Where Found:
Player made (See Notes).
Item Uses:
Used to power augmented items.
1 Divine charge is created by combining 20 simple parts and 225-2,000 Divine energy. These can be created anywhere by "weaving" your energy.
The amount of energy needed to create 1 divine charge depends on which energy is used; more for lower tiered energy and less for higher tiered.
Energy Amount used
Pale energy 2,000
Flickering energy 1,000
Bright energy 900
Glowing energy 850
Sparkling energy 800
Gleaming energy 700
Vibrant energy 650
Lusterous energy 550
Elder energy 500
Brilliant energy 450
Radiant energy 400
Luminous energy 350
Incandescent energy 225
0 kg
Examine Information:
Refined divine energy suitable for powering your augmented equipment.

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