30 Agility, 15 Hunter, or 55 Slayer to obtain (See notes for details).
Where Found:
Obtained while training on the Anachronia Agility course; Obtained killing Anachronian Slayer monsters; Obtained by participating in Big Game Hunter encounters; Obtained by Hunting creatures on Anachronia.
Item Uses:
Used as a secondary resource to build the tier 3 player lodge in the Anachronia base camp.
Investigating the item results in the message, "This looks very rare. This can be used to upgrade the player lodge to tier 3 at the base camp."

Note that if the rib bone is located in your bank, the ingredients list text in the Anachronia base camp interface will remain red as if you do not have this item. However, it is still possible to build the tier 3 player lodge with it in your bank. This item can be obtained through several different methods. Each method has different level requirements, some of which require multiple skill levels. They are all listed below:
0.1 kg
Examine Information:
This can be used to upgrade the player lodge to tier 3 at the base camp.
Dropped By:
Amphibious jadinko Aquatic jadinko Arcane apoterrasaur Asciatops
Bagrada rex Black warlock Brutish dinosaur Camouflaged jadinko
Cannibal jadinko Carrion jadinko Common jadinko Corbicula rex
Devil's snare Diseased jadinko Draconic jadinko Feral dinosaur
Grenwall Igneous jadinko Lampenflora Liverworts
Luminous snaggler Malletops Oculi apoterrasaur Pavosaurus rex
Pawya Ripper dinosaur Ruby harvest Scimitops
Shadow jadinko Spicati apoterrasaur Venomous dinosaur Yellow salamander

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