Combat Effects:
Damage Accuracy
0 0

Strength Magic Ranged
4.0 4.0 4.0

Attributes Armour Life Bonus Prayer Bonus
0 0 3

Styles Class Attack Style Attack Speed
All N/A N/A
Must have completed the Elite tasks of the Achievement Diary: Desert.
Where Found:
Given to you by the Clay Golem after completing the Elite tasks of the Achievement Diary: Desert.
Item Uses:
You can wear it to get extras in the Desert and surrounding areas.
See notes for full benefits.
At all times:
  • 10% cheaper items at the pizazz store.
  • A second Teak tree near Uzer.
  • The cactus patch in Al-Kharid will be protected from disease and always provides double spines.
  • Double charges on the Pharaoh's sceptre and the Sceptre of the gods.
  • Reduced chance of Mummies and Scarabs spawning in Pyramid Plunder.
  • Keris has a greater chance of scoring a vicious blow.
When worn:
  • Double water from cacti (for waterskins).
  • Sparkly Dung Kalaphites drop double loot.
  • Reduced failure rate at the Agility Pyramid.
  • Unlimited teleports to Nardah.
  • Goats have a chance to drop noted Desert goat horns.
  • Opportunity to reroll Dominion chest rewards.
  • Two Phoenix feathers stolen at once from the Desert Phoenix.
  • 20% chance of making 4-dose super antifire potions.
  • A new Red sandstone rock near Sophanem which holds 25 rocks.
  • Boosted stats on the Ancient staff.
  • A granite buyer at the Quarry.
  • 1 Bag of lost items from any of the Rug Merchants
  • Turn soda ash into molten glass by operating, usable 150 times a day.
  • 40 noted Potato cacti from the Weird Old Man per day.
0.01 kg
Examine Information:
A heart-shaped amulet containing what looks like sand.

This Data was submitted by: Tabion

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