82 Woodcutting to cut, 75 Firemaking to burn, and completion of the Summer's End quest (Exp for cutting: 275, exp for burning: 303.5).
Where Found:
Can be chopped from a tree in the Spirit Realm.
Item Uses:
Can be cut using the Woodcutting skill and burnt using the Firemaking skill.
In order to obtain Cursed magic logs, you must cut a Cursed magic tree. Cut the magic tree found in the Spirit Realm. Once you cut it, operate Jennica's ring within one step of the white portal (which is three steps south of the tree). A Cursed magic tree will appear there, and you will start cutting the tree to obtain Cursed magic logs. You cannot fletch the logs, but you can burn them for Firemaking experience. When you exit the Spirit Realm, your Cursed magic logs will become normal Magic logs, but when you go return to the Spirit Realm, the logs will remain as regular Magic logs.
2 kg
Examine Information:
Logs cut from a cursed magic tree.

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