No Requirements.
Where Found:
It is given to the player by Captain Braindeath in order to fool the bartender of The Rusty Anchor into purchasing some of Captain Braindeath's 'rum'.
Item Uses:
A curly wig is an item used in the Rocking Out quest.
To do fool the bartender, the player dons the disguise, followed by several others, and poses as a number of customers seeking Braindeath's 'rum'. This fools the bartender into thinking that there is a high demand for the 'rum' and he will then sign an order for some.

After tricking the bartender, the curly wig, along with all other disguises, will automatically disappear. After the quest, however, players can get their disguises back from Captain Braindeath. Players who lose any of their disguises before tricking the bartender can get a free replacement from Captain Braindeath back on Braindeath Island.
Examine Information:
You can barely see where it connected to the mop handle.

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