54 Invention. (Exp. 650)
Where Found:
Player Made (See Notes).
Item Uses:
This can be used to siphon experience out of an augmented crystal tool for Invention experience.

Using this to siphon from a Augmented crystal fishing rod, Augmented crystal hammer, Augmented crystal hatchet, Augmented crystal pickaxe or Augmented crystal tinderbox will give invention experience as if they are tier 90 items. Siphoning at level 12 will give 621,000 experience instead of the 459,000 from a normal Equipment siphon.
You must purchase the blueprint from Boni on Waiko for 5,000 Chimes and 5 Taijitu to unlock the ability to create this item.

It requires the following to create.
50 Clear parts
10 Crystal parts
5 Imbued components
Examine Information:
Resets an augmented crystal tool's XP to 0 and gives you a portion of the Invention reward it would be worth.

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