Retain After Quest?
Partial completion of Mourning's Ends Part I.
Where Found:
Given to you by Eluned during Mourning's Ends Part I; Player made (See Notes Section).
Item Uses:
Used to teleport to various locations up to 8 times before needing to be recharged.
Made by paying Eluned or, after The Light Within, Islwyn to recharge a Crystal teleport seed. Luckily, the cost of recharging a teleport seed reduces as follows:
  • 1st Recharge: 2,000 gp
  • 2nd Recharge: 1,600 gp
  • 3rd Recharge: 1,200 gp
  • 4th recharge: 800 gp
  • 5th Recharge onward: 400 gp
Initially, this seed will only be able to teleport you to Lletya. After completing Within the Light, you can talk to Eluned to add the Temple of Light. And once you have completed Plague's End, you can add the Clan districts of Prifddinas as teleport options as well.

You cannot recharge a seed until it is completely empty of charges. Due to the limited nature of this teleport seed, it is recommended to instead create an Attuned crystal teleport seed as soon as you are able.
0 kg
Examine Information:
A tiny crystal enchanted to teleport you around Tirannwn.

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